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Welcome to my profile ! 🙂

I am working alongside companies in the resolution of their business challenges with a human-centered approach (design thinking) and a nature one (biomimicry) with a blue economy philosophy. I provide end-users solutions that answers there real needs, that are sustainable and therefore have a positive impact on the company revenue and the society !
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My international background help me to approach things with different perspectives. Confront points of view and ideas, analyse them, ask questions and call myself into question are the best way to keep learning every day. I like to be constantly challenged.

If you would like to :
– Know your customers better and actually get what they feel and would like
– Design a product or service focus on human experience & sustainability
– Find a viable business model that also fits your values
– Align design, sciences and business
– Know more about biomimicry and the blue economy

Let’s talk ! 😉 Feel free to contact me on LinkedIn or by email. I’ll be happy to discuss about innovation around a (virtual) coffee ! 😊

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